5 Trails in California that are every runners delight

5 Trails in California that are every runner’s delight


Well if you’re in California for the weekend and don’t have any plans yet then here’s what I would suggest to all runners. HIT THE TRAILS.  Not only is trail running great for the mind and body but is one the best ways to enjoy the scenic beauty around and here are 5 destinations we at California Trails recommend to all our readers.

Torrey Pines State Reserve

This is one of the most recommended trails across California. It consists of never before seen a breed of pine trees known as the Pinus torreyana. Apart from that, you’ll also love the beach views that surround the reserve.

The most attractive viewpoints here are the Broken Hill and the view provided from the midpoint of the trek where you can see an entire panoramic view of the trail. On bright sunny days, even the San Jacinto is visible.


Channel Island Nation Park

For those in love with beaches, this is a must take a hike and what many people do not know is that this is one of the best beach hikes you’ll come across in the US. This park consists of 5 islands out of the 8 that make up the California coast.

I personally recommend you take the Santa Barbara hike and visit the smuggler’s cove which also includes an awesome boat ride. This 8-10 mile hike is exactly what one needs to cool off after a long tiring week.

Channel Islands National Park

Death Valley National Park

Contrary to how it sounds this trail is full of unique terrain, mountains, sand dunes etc. that is a delight for all kinds of trail runners and trekkers but its most eye-catching features are the canyon hikes. Another hike I would suggest newbies only take during moderate climates. You can also reroute to some other breathtaking destinations like the Red Cathedral or the Gower Gulch.


Anza Borrego State Park

This trail covers most of the Anza Borrego desert and is very close to the Mexican border. Here’s an interesting fact about the desert. During summers the temperature here soars to about 100 degrees. Quite unbelievable isn’t it?

You’ll come across plenty of never before seen creatures here. The trail is rough and tiring but on the bright side, it’s only 4-5 miles long. The ancient railroad is the center of attraction for the tourists here.



Joshua Tree National park

If rock climbing interests you then this trail should top your bucket list. Apart from that, the hike in itself is one to not miss out on. It covers plenty of scenic views and terrains but the best part is the Lost Palms Oasis.

Another point of interest here is the Mastodon Peak but a detour I would recommend only pros take. It’s a 5-6 mile hike but one that should only be taken during pleasant months by newbies.


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