5 Cross training methods every trail runner should adopt

5 Cross training methods every trail runner should adopt


Cross training is one exercise form most runners only switch to when recuperating from an injury but considering the tons of benefits it provides, I would recommend you make it a part and parcel of your training routine.

Training isn’t only about running anymore. Over the years it’s evolved and better and effective methods have come into play, one of them being cross training. Not only will you run well but it also elongates your career by lowering injury risk. Here’s how every runner can cross train.


Believe it or not swimming is not only one of the most fun but also effective modes of cross-training for any runner looking to build stamina and improve breathing capacity for trail runs and though it may not significantly impact leg strength it certainly is great cardio for the entire body.

Apart from that, you’ll also improve posture and balance. Start off with a 100m warm up and remember to exhale when underwater for efficient strokes. Here’s more in detail.


Strength training

Well since swimming doesn’t check the strength box here’s what you can do. Begin with a few stretches as warm before taking it up a notch with workouts like squats, deadlifts, hamstring curls etc.  These exercises are great for posture and form and will help you finish every race strongly.

Since you’ll be lifting weights get in touch with a trainer to get the form right or else you’ll be risking serious injuries or ineffective workout sessions.


If you’re up for an adventure and yet want to keep up with your training then rowing is one sport you do not want to miss out on but before you hit the water I would suggest you learn the proper technique and form on an indoor rowing machine and also check out the video below.

Apart from a heart-pumping cardio session rowing is also great for the calves, chest, core and also the arms.



If you’re tired of the high pump and sweaty gym workouts and are looking to switch to something calmer but yet equally effective then yoga is your thing. Though I haven’t personally yet tried it I have seen significant improvement in others.

It improves core, you’ll control breathing better and is also relaxing both physically and mentally but will cost you slightly higher and also tends to feel boring at first.


This is one of the equipment most women tend to prefer. The best part about the stepper is that its major focus is on the quads and flexors. These muscles are important for hill runners. For better results, you can alternate this with an elliptical machine too.

Beware that a stepper is a tough work and while it’s no doubt very effective it will also need tons of effort and strength on your part both physically as well as mentally.


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